I like Sundays. It always feels like a beginning to me. A fresh new week. Today the sun was shining when we got up. After the gloomy rain, it’s a nice change. Yesterday was the bridal shower. I have been crafting like mad, late nights, planning etc.  Most of what I planned got done. Everyone seemed happy with the results. The wash clothes and hand towels were only sorry about that..did I mention rainy gloomy days here? I never got photos of completed projects (as we were still assembling as guest arrived…knitted stuff hanging off printers and computer desk drying, bags needing string threaded through them, even an early arrival guest helping  assemble). It was an amazing day with a great group of people. My sister has an awesome network of friends! (..and that was only the women. I did hear lots of great mens support, chopping vegetables, and some arrived with another table when we were setting out stuff and realised we’d need more space)…but… my house is a right-off! Kids are napping. So I’m off to clean. With a tidy house, and a sunny day, I’ll be ready to start the week fresh…and make plans.

Hand towel pattern found in Mason-Dixon Knitting (their second book), or on Ravelry.


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8 days

2 days ago I gave myself a count down for the shower crafting. (I also got sick.) I still need to get a day in sewing and I think I’m almost done the knitting for it. I would have been done earlier but I felt the one gift seemed small to the others…(and hand towel knitting goes really well with bed time routines around here.)

There was only 2 hand towels ruined by my kids (stained) before finishing. I just need to sew buttons on the others.

To date we have:

4 hand towels, with dish cloths

3 tea-cup candles from beeswax

1 package of recipe cards, 1 telephone book

15 jars of gift jams (5 packages of 3 small jars of homemade jam)

What I would like to get done…2 more hand towels and dish cloths, get a pretty little note-book or fridge list pad, sew the 3 bags and 3 sets of coaster. (and I know this might be stretching it..but 4 sets of cards.)

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I have been trying to fight the urge to spin some yarn. Yesterday I gave in. (Perhaps I can get back to the items I need to get done for May.) It felt great and relaxing. Even a 1 and 2-year-old was kind of entranced by it. There were a few times a couple more hands to defend the process would have help. The cat was the worse offender.  The spinning wheel and process was still not as exciting as the ball winder for my tiny tots however.

I was able to get 2 skeins of yarn I don’t like. When I was in highschool taking art classes I noticed that my sketches were always very crisp. Like a colouring page drawing (not cartoonish but lines) where as others seemed to blend their drawings more like a watercolour painting. Smudging the pencil lines vs. varying the thickness of lines for shading. I didn’t like my drawings. I wish I could blend better.

The funny thing is…my spinning is more blended then crisp. The colours end up looking fuzzy instead of popping with colour changes. There seems to be a halo and the yarn seems scratchy. I don’t think its the type of yarn. I have had other people try spinning the same fibre and theirs look totally different and seems to soften up in texture, but the diameter is the same (I would knit the same gauge).

Perhaps I just need to spin more…and figure this out! (..after May.)

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Well I just needed to pop in and say…things are kind of busy right now. I was knitting dish cloths and hand towels for the shower and my youngest dumped a drink on the stack of them. I finished weaving in the ends and they are all getting a good wash and block..when I figure how to get them clean. If not, then I get restocked for the house and I’m back to square one to get stuff done in the next few weeks.

My camera never worked again after the drying rack ordeal. So I need to figure another way to get photos.

You could say we are laying low..staying quiet, flying under the radar. There’s too much to do and not much time left.

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Put a Pot of Coffee On..

..cause some days are like that.

yes. I know coffee is bad for me..not to mention sweetener and cream..whatever! Today is not the day I’m going to worry about it and beat myself up for it. This path to simple, whole, homemade is a long road. So I will enjoy my whole wheat, home-made bread toasted with local organic honey and my coffee.

I only started drinking coffee in the last 2 years…about the time children who don’t sleep came into my life. Last night I sat up until 11:37 pm with my oldest and he was up at 4:25 am today. (Husbands alarm around 5 ish..I’m awake now.) Oldest is back to sleep again.

While starting the coffee,  it came to me, I thought of a solution to this old wooden folding clothes dryer. I hung clothes on it and it turned them black where the clothes touched the rungs. I washed it and got slivers. Tiny slivers too small to get out with tweezers. I sanded it. The sandpaper became brittle and fell apart..I got more slivers. This morning, I thought maybe some steel wool would do the trick. I’m up. I’m caffeinated. Kids are sleeping. Nope, the thing attacked me. Slivers 3-4 inches long came at me. Through the steel wool! Ok, I get it. No more. I will take a pattern of it and buy some new 1 inch dowling and make a new one. The old rack is kindling!

Really, I loved this thing. It was almost 6 feet tall with thick dowling. I had big plans for it. I’ve moved and carted it from home to home (or at least got my husband too). It stayed at my parents when I couldn’t store it. I’ve had it a long time.

I tried to take a picture of it this morning. The camera’s batteries were dead. I went back inside and changed them for new ones. Went back outside. The flashed decided to work and went off 5-6 times..but no picture. The lens came out twice but not when it was supposed to. The screen on the back stayed black and viewed nothing after 10 minutes of trying to get it to work. hmm? camera or rack?

So, while I’m typing this and thinking about a second cup of coffee. I’m watching the cat run by with the missing bag of cat treats (it’s been gone for quite a few days now) and know …

..some days are just like that! (and it’s not even 7am.)






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Yarn Along Wednesdays

Just another kitchen towel from my book Mason-Dixon.  Hopefully getting it right this week with the Wednesday Yarn along. Planning the garden starts with what we want to can. I love looking at this book.

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Manic Monday

The Bangles song … “it’s just another Manic Monday, wish it were Sunday…” Although, I can remember owning the cassette and singing it at the top of my lungs. I usually liked Mondays. It’s the return to the work week, schedule and routine. I worked shift work and I never liked it as much as a 5 day week. There is a part of me that looks at Mondays like a fresh slate. A week of promise, anything could happen.

I liked the line in Anne of Green Gables when Marilla tells Anne that “…tomorrow is a fresh day with no mistakes…” (It never held much promise for the next day at school. Generally if you messed up on Monday, you had the whole week to live it out. If you messed up on Friday, well, it was usually forgotten by Monday.)

I used to believe the weekend was the reset button. But lately it seems like just more of the same. So I think I’m craving a routine.

Somewhere along the way, Mondays were wash days, Tuesdays for ironing. Etc. But with the ‘time of use’ it kind of messed that up. If you’re going to try to save money and help the environment…then your work generally begins a 7pm and weekends. Just at the time when getting kids to bed after a long and often exhausting day or trying to settle down from a traditional work week. Throw in a shift worker in the family and there seems to be no rhythm. It truly feels unbalanced and crazy. For some one who likes routine and schedules this is hard. (Not to mention with toddlers everyday could be wash day!)

Although, I want a schedule or routine, I feel reluctant to start one and stick to it. It is hard training little ones to something only to have it messed up. I also feel that I start something only to find it doesn’t really work well and we all end up even more exhausted for trying. Or if I want to try something new, there is resistance or full-out sabotage.

So, today I feel like anything is possible, and it’s the beginning of a fresh week. It’s time to pick a goal and work a week thru on it. I find myself in a dilemma. What to do? Where to begin?

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